The Superhero Experience

When I was younger I always wanted to be a superhero. Probably because of the influence of famous superheroes, especially from Justice League, like Superman, Flash, and Green Lantern. I mean, who would not want to become a superhero? With all those powers/gifts, you could do a lot of supernatural things. You can be a hero or a villain (for those who prefer to be mean and rude. *jeers!) However, as time progressed, I realized that being a superhero does not necessarily mean that you have to posses supernatural strength, x-ray vision, or out-of-this-world intelligence. A superhero needs to be friendly, helpful, and concerned about the society. And I’ve also realized that I can really be a superhero—super friendly, super helpful, and super caring. It’s not all about other people’s concept of becoming a superhero but about your own concept of becoming a superhero that matters. So in this blog, it is my “super job” to share the things that happened, happens, or will happen in my life, whether these things be big or small. Always remember, we are all superheroes! So cheers to the superhero life!

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